Taking emissions out of the air

Jagstannarpåmarken. This roughly translates from Swedish as “I’ll stay on the ground”. The related concept of flygskam or “flying shame” is growing amongst the environmentally-aware. It’s one of the issues that I don’t think has permeated to the general public yet; the scale and speed at which western lifestyles need to change to be compatible... Continue Reading →

A Bandwagon Made of Plastic

Whilst flying to Copenhagen for meetings with the European Environment Agency, I happened to flick through the in-flight magazines. The articles included a media company boasting about removing single-use plastic from its supply chain and a start-up that was apparently “repurposing” plastic waste. There was also a piece on an initiative in Africa that pointed... Continue Reading →

Inventories in Iceland

Aether has now been supporting the Environment Agency of Iceland (Umhverfisstofnun) for two years in the compilation of their national greenhouse gas (GHG) and air pollutant inventories. Aether’s first visit to Reykjavik was back in September of 2015, when the aim was to help the new Icelandic inventory team (at the time) understand and improve... Continue Reading →

Cities vs Climate Change

Cities all over the world are taking up the challenge presented by global climate change. Cities are both a large part of the problem and a powerful part of the solution. What’s driving them and what do they need to succeed?

Are diesels slipping back?

Cities around the world have proposed banning diesel powered vehicles and sales in several countries are falling. Does this risk the gains made on carbon or do we need something smarter, moving away from the one size fits all Euro Standards?

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